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Scaffolding, Formworks, Trench Lining, Event structures. Infrastructural, industrial and residential building systems.
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Over the years, the aim of achieving an outstanding quality of products has matched with the will of increasing the services offered.

Indeed, what makes CONDOR different from its competitors is that it focuses its attention on its clients' needs, thus ensuring performance, compliance, durability, as well as continuity in design counsulting and assistance on the construction site.

Over the time, customer centrality has been translated as the development of the following services offered:

- technical support in the preparation of tenders
- assembly of formworks in compliance with customer's specific requirements
- support on the construction site
- technical training for the staff (individual, groups, seminars, etc.)
- 3D design and execution drawings
- planning of work-cycles
- structural calculation reports
- AUTOCAD based software for designing formworks and scaffoldings
- complete library in BIM language


As provided by the Consolidated Security, Legislative Decree 81/2008, CONDOR’s project team offers advisory services to clients concerning formwork and scaffolding with regards to:

  • Drafting of PIMUS for scaffoldings;
  • Complete design, structural calculation and verification of fixed and mobile formworks and scaffoldings of any kind and complexity;
  • Consultancy about planning and execution, in order to solve specific situation;
  • Assistance during installation, transformation and removal of the scaffolding, with direct and targeted inspections on site;
  • Preparation of all the information and documentation needed for a proper use of the scaffold in the yard.

Normally produced documentation includes:

  • Plan for assembly, usage and dismantling of the scaffold (PIMUS);
  • Executive design of formworks and scaffoldings (plans, sections and elevations);
  • Details of construction and execution of formworks and scaffoldings' elements;
  • Reported calculation and verification of supplied products;
  • Calculation of elements of formworks and scaffoldings’ elements needed to work: quantity, quality and size of the components;
  • Supporting documents for periodic or special products check.


CONDOR offers a customized design for each site. Customer's request is not limited to a mere structural design, but requires the examination of the structure’s technical features, timing, potential risks and costs by a technical team with a ten-year know-how.

The customer is provided:

  • Ongoing technical support on site;
  • navigable Pdf of the entire project;
  • Detailed list of products and accessories to be used;
  • Technical manuals and ministerial authorizations.

CONDOR's technical department meets design requirements coming from all over the world by providing projects and documents in multiple languages. CONDOR speaks Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Arabic.


In addition to sales, CONDOR also provides businesses with the rental of formwork and scaffolding, service increasingly in demand because of its benefits (reduction of the fleet and for use of a wide range of products controlled and safe).

The rental service CONDOR does not consist in the mere escape of a request. Examined the application of the company, the sales department creates a channel of communication between the client and the internal design team to CONDOR.
At this point the technicians prepare a detailed structural design adapted to provide the most advantageous solution for the customer is from technical point of view ( commissioning times in work at the construction site, safety of work environments ) which, obviously, from the economic point of view.

When designing the best technical solution CONDOR offers to its customers the opportunity to carry out inspections on construction sites through their own technical and commercial aimed at identifying preliminary of all the possible variations that may affect the performance of the products during the rental.

Processed the dispatch order is submitted to the customer. Upon receipt of the order confirmation, the products - and reviewed before delivery - are delivered in a short time directly on site. Together with the products also are available on request:

  • executive projects
  • 3D render
  • security plans
  • calculation reports
  • user manuals
  • booklets and certificates of conformity of - equipment used
  • video illustrating the mounting of the equipment

Restoration and Cleaning

To appreciate a product you evaluate the results and benefits that it allows us to obtain. Who chooses the shuttering brand CONDOR knows he can rely on a product that ensures excellent finishing of the surface layer of concrete and durability. These characteristics arising from the quality and condition of the wood which is used to produce them.

For formwork systems CONDOR are also guaranteed the restoration and cleaning.


When, after the rental has been returned a formwork, skilled workers responsible for the control of the state of the formwork. Should you need a repair carried out with the high-tech mechanical systems.


In a second time, then, the total undergo a cleaning operation, carried out with innovative machinery.

Everything always ensures the customer to have a fleet tested and ready for use.

Assistance on site

The wide range of formwork CONDOR is able to satisfy the demands of each client. Often, however, the development of some projects requires the realization of products with specific characteristics for the realization of structures with complex geometry. What plays a big role is the thirty-year experience of the company in the production and supply of construction equipment. CONDOR Technicians and skilled workers keep busy planning and assembling, within manufacturing facilities equipped with cutting-edge machinery, special formwork at the specific request of the customer. Once assembled, the molds are delivered direct to the site ready for use.

Are met, as follows:

  • The construction needs of any structure, without any limitation for the enterprise;
  • The possibility of having the product in the pipeline already assembled;
  • The need to reduce the time of completion of the work.


Communicating innovation. This slogan, used a few years ago by CONDOR's external relations department, includes the attention and the importance assigned to the issue of training and safety on site, by organizing specific courses.

The initiative, undertaken few years ago, allows the company to candidate to business through thematic conferences, specialized workshops, open house for technicians of enterprises as an important point of reference to train personnel in the use of new construction technologies and equipment and in spreading the importance of safety in the workplace.

On a quarterly basis, CONDOR’s designers and commercials organize open houses to present products to designers, architects, retailers, building companies managers, foremen and laborers.
Three advantages for the customer:

  • The possibility to optimize the purchase of CONDOR products;
  • The opportunity to be updated about new construction techniques;
  • The opportunity to adapt and work according to the latest regulations on safety.

The courses are held in collaboration with representatives of the Ministry of Labour, with the Order of Engineers and Architects, with the Association of Builders and academics. Besides a theoretical part they also provide practical simulations with construction of formworks, scaffoldings and high capacity props on construction site.

In partnership with building schools and regional Cpt (Lombardy, Piedmont, Liguria, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Umbria, Lazio, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata and Sicily) more than 5000 people have already been trained, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view, in order to maximize the benefits of equipment and operate in total safety on construction sites.

Particular attention is devoted to educational environment. Once a year young graduates are given the opportunity to attend training courses in CONDOR companies. Besides, in the past, scholarships have also been awarded to graduates who developed a thesis about electro and robotics automation at the University of Cassino.

Structural Report

Structural Assessment of the equipment supplied permit validating the proposed solutions allowing you to create works with high safety standards.

The know-how of our engineers through a thorough study can give detailed information on the solutions adopted and the possible uses of the equipment.

CONDOR technicians accompany projects with calculations and structural inspections thus providing all the data necessary for the safe management of the yard.


The quality of products is guaranteed by certification ISO 9001 and certification IIS of welding processes, which certify the respect of high quality standards during production processes and guarantee the quality and origin of raw materials used. Full automatized numerical control systems and certified quality control systems, together with continuous training of production staff provide CONDOR products with a superior quality.

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Technical Consultancy

By continuously communicating with construction site managers and technical supervisors, CONDOR technicians provide technical support aiming at identifying the product or a combination of products which most meet a specific need, thus designing technical solutions which can be adopted thanks to the characteristics of CONDOR's system modularity and to the unceasing activity of Research and Development.